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Published: 07-Feb-17
Drive Traffic to your Web Space with MySpace
So you have a website, but you are having difficulty to decide which medium to use to drive traffic to it. There are a lot ways to drive traffic to your website, and you can get it for free or for a fee. The most popular and effective way to drive traffic to your website today is through MySpace. What is good about MySpace is that it is absolutely FREE! MySpace is an online social community network that allows you to meet new friends. With over millions of users that congregate on MySpace on a daily basis, it is no wonder that webmasters, internet marketers, and online businessmen wannabes targets this medium to drive traffic to their websites. Who would not, the potential of MySpace in driving traffic to your website is endless. Everybody knows that any traffic of any kind, in any way, and in any form can be converted into earnings. MySpace is not at all an exemption. Numerous online businesses, marketers, and webmasters are vying to succeed in advertising their products and services on their websites through MySpace. The results are unprecedented, especially if you do it the right way. The downside of it could be that there is a humungous quantity of spam advertisements all throughout the online social community of MySpace. It would not be safe to say that using MySpace in driving traffic to your website is somewhat complicated now due to market saturation. This is possibly because of numerous online businesses that are competing to get a hold of a piece of that profitable MySpace pie. Still, advertising and marketing through MySpace is a very interesting technique because of its absolute market magnitude. You could still be positive enough to consider that there is still a big possibility to profit from MySpace. You just have to be very skillful in choosing the appropriate technique and know-how about the diverse campaigns you can utilize to advertise your products and services through MySpace. MySpace and its Marketable Activities There are a few things you should know first before you dip your finger on MySpace, especially if your intention is to do advertisements to drive traffic to your website. ? Just so you know, advertising products and services candidly on MySpace is actually not allowed based on their Terms of Agreement. It has to be approved or endorsed first by MySpace. ? Compiling email addresses of MySpace members by any method for the sole purpose of sending spontaneous emails is prohibited. ? Commercial marketing and any form of solicitation can and will be removed from the members profile, this can be done even without prior notice and this can also result to the termination of the membership. These are just information to bear in mind before you start any form of advertisement or marketing on MySpace. It just means that hard-line and obvious advertising will not work. Anything that you plan to do should be under-the-radar, particularly if you are planning to market your products and/or services. Two Tips to Advertise on MySpace 1. Advertising through Bulletin ? Dominating this, is a primary and essential step en route to profiting with MySpace. You have to add friends as many as you can. Then find out how you can send comments or bulletins that will result in driving traffic to your websites. 2. Create a MySpace website about your online business ? For instance, if you?re selling t-shirts, you can create a MySpace page that emphasizes a particular part of your website (summer, winter or spring collections), which would attract your MySpace targeted market. This normally will drive traffic to your website and will eventually lead to a sale.

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