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Published: 07-Feb-17
Craigslist Help: Increase Traffic to Your Site
Who is Craig? He could have been a very ordinary guy living in San Francisco Bay Area, until he came up with one of the most amazing free classifieds and Internet marketing schemes for everyone to use: Craigslist. Today, there are millions of people who opt to make use of Craigslist to look for homes, jobs, gigs, and even newfound friends. For the business-minded, however, they can utilize the site to promote their products and services and increase traffic going into their website. Here are 6 things you need to consider once you?re in Craigslist: 1. Delete the old post before you place the new one. Perhaps you?ve considered about putting up almost the same advertisement simply because you think it isn?t working. Or, better yet, you are putting the same ad into different cities and category. This, however, doesn?t sit well in Craigslist. Thus, if you want to ensure that you get the same amount of traffic for your website, you better delete your previous post first before putting up a similar one. Otherwise, you need to set up another account with different e-mail address. If you know how to tweak your IP, then you can also opt to change your IP address. 2. Don?t place up commercial or auction websites in Craigslist. They?re basically a no-no, and you are likely to be called as spammer not only by moderators but also by the site?s users. What you can do, however, is to add an article into Craigslist and include a link going to your website. However, you just have to ensure that the page you?re trying to promote is very much related to the article you?re trying to publish. 3. Add photos and graphics into your post. What better way to promote your business than adding the business logo into each of your Craigslist post. This will depend on the category that you chose, though. If it does allow you, you can instantly upload a picture located in your hard drive. It does help if you know the HTML tag for adding images. 4. Make great offers. There are far too many categories that you can pick in Craigslist where you can display your various freebies just to invite them to check out your site. You can give out free coupons and gift cards, to name a few. Definitely, everyone will surely be interested in checking out your site, just to see if you have some more fantastic finds and offers to them. 5. Create a business username. You can promote your business website by making it your username. Then try to emphasize it by making yourself an expert in Craigslist. Help as much people as you can. Post a telephone number or your business e-mail address for contact details. Once you do this, they will be interested in knowing you and your business more, and it will be very easy for you to direct them to your site. 6. Read the rules. This is always a given, no matter which site you are. However, the policies of Craigslist aren?t often specified. If there are some things you aren?t clear about, you can look for different Craigslist FAQs in the Internet. Moreover, you can always send in your questions to the webmasters. You basically don?t want anyone flagging you to remove your ad.

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