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Published: 07-Feb-17
Driving High Traffic Volume Using Article Directories
One of the most frequently asked questions about maintaining a website is how to get good traffic. Traffic is a website's lifeblood. You could keep it active as much as you want but if no one comes to view it, there isn?t much point to it, is there? Although there are several ways to drive traffic to your site, one of the most highly recommended is using article directories. Here are ways how you can use this resource effectively: Help your traffic find you. Always include a link in your article that will lead your readers to your website. Otherwise, you'll lose the opportunity to increase your site traffic. Remember that several people will be viewing your article and they could refer your write-up to others. Imagine how you could mess up an excellent chance if you don?t include information about you and your website. People coming in from article directories have to find you, so help them do so. Write good quality articles. If you've used article directories before, you've probably noticed how well-crafted and useful the write-ups are. But don?t be intimidated. Your articles don?t have to be sophisticated pieces of writing. As long as they are informative, entertaining and relevant, your articles will find an audience in directories. Write according to the standards. Many article directories impose stringent quality standards for articles that get submitted to their sites. This means that not every article they receive gets posted in their directory. Always check the directory for the type of articles they accept. You might also want to browse the site for the category you want to write for. Take note of the style, tone and subject areas considered popular in that site and try to tailor your article to the standard. You don?t have to clone an existing article but just make sure that you can compete within the category you will be writing for. Find your niche. If there are two or three areas where you excel, you might want to focus your articles there. People tend to flock to authors who exhibit expertise in certain fields. It will also help to write specifically for the industry or subject in which your business or website is involved. You'll drive more traffic to your website if people see the relevance of your website to what you write about. Write as many articles as you can. One article will not make you a hit. Try to produce numerous articles in several topics but make sure you don?t spread yourself too thin. A hundred mediocre articles will not win you any fans and they will mistrust you too much to even take a look at your website. Don?t stop with just one article directory. If you're getting good traffic from one article directory, you might want to submit more articles to that site. However, don?t limit yourself. Submit articles to as many directories as you can. You'll drive more traffic to your site by doing so. Using articles to attract traffic Other than viewing products, images and videos online, most people actually log on to directories to find information and be entertained. Knowledge has a high premium online, that is why site owners beef up their traffic appeal factor by writing articles. Hone your skills in using article directories to drive a high volume of traffic to your website using how-to resources such as 'Article Traffic' from the Barking Videos series. You'll find an excellent step-by-step process here to help you benefit from a mutually productive relationship with article directories. As competition for traffic tightens, you will need as much help and advice as you can get.

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